How to plan your dental visit..

With recent advancement in dental and medical science, majority of dental surgeries are comfortable to the patients. However, dental surgery posts a different challenge as in most dental surgeries is wide awake and conscious. Being aware of dental surgery operatory surroundings can lead to apprehension, disorientation and anxiety. We understand the anxiety of our patients and advice everyone to follow the following tips before dental surgery.

Follow these tips before you proceed for your dental surgery:
? Pre-counselling session with the dentist before the surgery
?️ Plan your transportation both ways
? Make note and follow the pre-operative guidelines in regard to drink, food and smoke
? Make sure the surgeon is made aware of all your allergies, if any!
? Dress light and comfortable to avoid any stain / distractions
? Follow the diet given by the surgeon post your surgery
? Lastly, cancel the surgery in case of any ailment such as flu, fever, etc

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