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Kids dentistry, also known as pediatric dentistry, is a branch of dentistry focused on the oral health and dental care of children from infancy through adolescence. Pediatric dentists specialize in providing comprehensive dental care for children, including preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services tailored to their unique needs.

Why Need
Kids Dentistry?

Here are some key aspects of kids dentistry:

  • Preventive Care: Preventive care is a cornerstone of pediatric dentistry. Our Pediatric dentists in Vasundhara educate parents and children about proper oral hygiene practices, including brushing, flossing, and dietary habits, to prevent dental issues such as cavities and gum disease. They may also provide dental sealants and fluoride treatments to protect children’s teeth from decay.
  • Early Intervention: Kids dentist in Mayur Vihar Phase 2 monitor children’s dental development and address any concerns or issues early on. Our child dentist at Cures ‘n’ Care Dental Clinic in Vasundhara and Mayur Vihar Phase 2 recommend interventions such as space maintainers to preserve dental alignment, interceptive orthodontics to guide tooth eruption, and habit-breaking appliances to address thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting habits.
  • Regular Check-ups and Cleanings: Our Pediatric dentists in Mayur Vihar Phase 2 and Vasundhara recommend regular dental check-ups and cleanings every six months to monitor oral health, detect any problems early, and provide professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup. These visits also offer opportunities for children to become familiar with the dental office and develop positive attitudes towards dental care.
  • Treatment of Dental Issues: Our Pediatric dentists diagnose and treat dental issues common in children, such as cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and dental injuries. They may perform procedures such as dental fillings, root canals, extractions, and dental crowns to restore oral health and function.
  • Behavior Management: Our kids dentists in Vasundhara and Mayur Vihar Phase 2 are trained to manage the unique behavioral and emotional needs of children in the dental setting. They use child-friendly language, positive reinforcement techniques, and distraction methods to help children feel comfortable and cooperative during dental visits.
  • Specialized Equipment and Facilities: Our Pediatric dental unit are designed with children in mind, featuring colorful décor, child-sized furniture, and play areas to create a welcoming and non-threatening environment. Our Pediatric dentists in Vasundhara use specialized equipment and tools suitable for children’s smaller mouths and delicate tissues.
  • Educational Resources: Pediatric dentists in Vasundhara provide educational resources and guidance to parents on topics such as teething, thumb-sucking, pacifier use, and oral habits to promote optimal oral health and development in children.

Overall, kids dentistry plays a crucial role in promoting healthy smiles and establishing lifelong habits for good oral hygiene. By providing comprehensive dental care in a child-friendly and nurturing environment, our pediatric dentists in Mayur Vihar Phase 2, New Delhi and Vasundhara, Ghaziabad help children maintain healthy teeth and gums and enjoy positive dental experiences from an early age.


Kids dentistry encompasses a variety of procedures aimed at promoting the oral health and well-being of children. Here’s an overview of some common kids dentistry procedures:

  • 1. Diet Counselling: Pediatric dentists in Vasundhara provide diet counselling to educate parents and children about the importance of a balanced diet for oral health. They offer guidance on healthy food choices, limiting sugary snacks and drinks, and maintaining good oral hygiene habits.
  • 2. Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis): Regular teeth cleanings are essential for maintaining good oral health. Child dentists in Mayur Vihar Phase 2 perform professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can help prevent cavities and gum disease.
  • 3. Cavity Filling (Restorative Dentistry): If a child develops a cavity, the kid dentist in Vasundhara will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill the cavity with a dental filling material, such as composite resin or dental amalgam, to restore the tooth’s structure and function. Pits and Fissure sealants offers protection from future caries progression in kids and even in adults.

  • 4. Pulpotomy: A pulpotomy is a procedure performed to remove infected or damaged pulp tissue from the crown (top) portion of a tooth while preserving the healthy pulp in the root portion. It is often used to treat deep cavities or trauma to the tooth.
  • 5. Pulpectomy: A pulpectomy is a procedure similar to a root canal treatment performed on primary (baby) teeth. It involves removing the infected pulp tissue from the pulp chamber and root canals of the tooth to relieve pain and prevent further infection.
  • 6. Stainless Steel Crowns: Stainless steel crowns are pre-fabricated metal crowns used to restore primary teeth that are extensively decayed or damaged. They provide durable and cost-effective protection for the tooth until it naturally falls out.
  • 7. Zirconia Crowns: Zirconia crowns are tooth-colored crowns made of a strong and durable ceramic material. They are used to restore primary teeth with extensive decay or damage, providing a more aesthetic option compared to stainless steel crowns.
  • 8. Space Maintainer Appliance: Space maintainers are custom-made devices used to preserve space in the dental arch following premature tooth loss. They prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into the space and help guide permanent teeth into their proper positions.
  • 9. Space Regainer Appliance: Space regainers are similar to space maintainers but are used to regain space in the dental arch after space loss has already occurred. They are used to create room for erupting permanent teeth in cases of crowding or malocclusion.
  • 10. Habit Breaker Appliance: Habit breaker appliances are designed to help children break harmful oral habits such as thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting. They are custom-made devices that discourage the habit by creating discomfort or interfering with the habit’s mechanics.
  • 11. Preventive Fluoride Therapy: Fluoride treatments are applied topically to the teeth to strengthen enamel, prevent tooth decay, and reduce the risk of cavities. Pediatric dentists in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad may recommend fluoride varnish or fluoride gels as part of preventive dental care.

These are just some of the many procedures offered in kids dentistry to ensure that children maintain healthy smiles and develop good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist and proper at-home oral care are essential for promoting lifelong oral health and well-being.


Choosing Cures ‘n’ Care Dental Clinic for kids dentistry offers several compelling reasons that prioritize the oral health and comfort of your child:

  • 1. Experienced Team: Our dental clinic in Vasundhara and Mayur Vihar Phase 2 are staffed with a team of experienced pediatric dentists who specialize in providing gentle and compassionate care for children of all ages. With years of experience and a deep understanding of pediatric dentistry, our team ensures that every child receives personalized attention and treatment tailored to their unique needs.
  • 2. Best-in-Class Materials: At Cures ‘n’ Care Dental Clinic, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment in all our dental procedures. From dental fillings to crowns and orthodontic appliances, we use only the best materials to ensure the long-term durability and success of your child’s dental treatment.
  • 3. ISO Certified Clinic: Our clinic is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety in all aspects of patient care. From infection control protocols to treatment procedures, we maintain strict compliance with international standards to provide a safe and hygienic environment for our patients.
  • 4. Conscious Sedation Facility: We understand that some children may experience anxiety or fear during dental visits. That’s why we offer conscious sedation options, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedatives, to help anxious or apprehensive children relax and feel more comfortable during their dental treatment. Our experienced team of conciuos sedation dentist in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad and sedation specialists in Mayur Vihar Phase 2, New Delhi ensures that sedation is administered safely and effectively, with close monitoring throughout the procedure.
  • 5. Child-Friendly Environment: Our kids dental care clinic in Vasundhara and Mayur Vihar Phase 2 are designed with children in mind, featuring colorful and welcoming décor, kid-friendly amenities, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. We strive to create a positive and stress-free environment where children feel comfortable and at ease during their dental visits.
  • 6. Comprehensive Kids Dentistry Services: From preventive care and routine check-ups to restorative treatments and orthodontic services, we offer a comprehensive range of kids dentistry services to address all aspects of your child’s oral health needs. Whether your child needs a dental cleaning, cavity filling, or orthodontic evaluation, our experienced team is here to provide expert care and guidance every step of the way.

In summary, choosing Cures ‘n’ Care Dental Clinic for kids dentistry ensures that your child receives the highest quality care in a safe, comfortable, and child-friendly environment. With our experienced team, best-in-class materials, ISO certification, conscious sedation options, and comprehensive range of services, we are committed to helping your child achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for life. Schedule a visit to our clinic today and experience the difference firsthand!

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