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What is a Crown/Bridge?

A dental crown is placed over restored or root canal treated tooth to provide strength against fractures and chip-offs. In this procedure, the tooth is shaped in such a way that it receives a crown which encompasses it all around upto the neck of the tooth near gums collar. When a missing tooth is being replaced between the 2 natural teeth, in such a way that the 2 natural teeth act as pillars on which the missing tooth is attached. These modified crowns are now called as a Bridge.

What is a Veneer?

When teeth are stained or malformed they post a severe cosmetic concern. A dental veneer is essentially a sheet of ceramic which is glued or cemented over the stained or malformed teeth giving the teeth a presentable look.

Who can undergo Crown/ Bridge/ Veneer?

Any individual with stable and disease free teeth and gums can undergo Crown/ Bridge/Veneer procedure.

What are advantages of Crown/ Bridge/Veneer?

  • Relatively simple and quick procedure. 
  • Cost effective 
  • Eliminates the need of elaborate surgeries
  • Many treatment options for crown/ bridges are available.
  • Why us?

    Our team of specialists and dental technicians provide state of the art CAD/CAM crown/bridge/Veneer. We at cures ‘n’ Care dental clinic fabricate metal fused with ceramic(PFM) and metal free (Zirconia/ Monolith/ Emax) crown and bridges with warranty upto 15 years.

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